Prickly2Sweet Overview

The cost of noncompliance related to assessment

It has been documented, way back since 2014, that RTOs were struggling with compliance in assessment over 70%, and as an industry, vocational training and assessment, we are still struggling with this area. ASQA, still identify non-compliance in assessment processes as a high risk and if an RTO is found to be noncompliant there are now infringement notices that start at $2500 for non-compliance with registration standards and the potential for registration to be cancelled or not renewed due to non-compliance.

A solution, is of cause, to remain compliant however there are costs associated with that from employing a compliance responsible person of an average of $80,000 a year salary plus leave entitlements, superannuation etc. Additionally, engaging a consultant to review all the assessment tools for all your units on scope is a huge time and costly expense, starting at $150 an hour plus.

Compliance is also a time issue, scheduling validation is a must however getting all the right people together at the same time can be a challenge, trainers, assessors, admin and industry all with the current skills and knowledge of the unit of competency as well as the industry currency.

Most of whom only validate once a year! Stressful for everyone.

The History of Prickly2Sweet

Prickly2Sweet was created from listening to frustrations in the industry, seeing non-compliance at audit and deregistration due to lack of quality and compliant assessment tools. This source identified these 3 needs - to:

  1. Reduce the time it takes to complete a unit validation
  2. Reduce the cost of having to take training and assessment staff off line to conduct the validation
  3. Reduce the stress associated with compliance, including:
    • stress on trainers who only validate once in a blue moon to have to do days of validation,
    • stress on industry relationships from ineffective validation meetings where everyone not sure where to start,
    • stress associated with audit called on units not been reviewed, and
    • stress of not sure what the requirements are and wasting industry time

Why Prickly2Sweet is the key to achieving real validation data and quality compliant assessment

Validation of your courses is a MUST compliance requirement, so too is being able to provide evidence of improvement in your training and assessment system. Many validation systems are long, human resource heavy and provide little to no direct quantifiable data of compliance nor do they provide real clear evidence of improvement against specific action taken to provide enhancement of the resources.

They are onerous on the industry representative understanding the process and the Assessment compliance criteria. Prickly2Sweet provides a new way of validating and save you and your organisations thousands of dollars in preparation and conducting the process.

Achieving quality compliant assessment through actioning data analysis far quicker, cheaper and without stress.

What are the physical outcomes and additional benefits of Prickly2Sweet?

Amazing, professional, and clear validation reports that are no longer a tick and flick.

Actual measurable data outcomes that the training and assessment team and management can use to make decisions and focused action on compliance gap removal.

Real holistic mapping so if you have an assessment without a mapping tool Prickly2Sweet can create one those the tagging process of the document you upload.

Do you need to be a trainer and assessor to use the Prickly2Sweet system?

No, the user login will enable those staff that have access to the assessment tool to upload it into Prickly2Sweet. The tagging process needs the user to know the tool and be able to identify which assessment method it is using, and the question or activity number and when it is a question and when it is an answer, just like you would when you are reading the document. It may be beneficial to have the trainer and assessor skills to be able to understand the report, and action any changes needed.

Why Our clients love Prickly2Sweet

Organisations that design, develop and use assessments across Australia love how Prickly2Sweet removes the stress from the validation process, saves literally $1000’s off of the cost of compliance. Through Prickly2Sweet’s unique pin point focus on areas of noncompliance the system provides locates improvement actions or gap identification whilst providing the team statistical data for decision making for resource allocation on fixing the areas. Trends are identified, holistic mapping is produced and all criteria is covered.

Imagine meeting with an industry representative and being able to provide them with a professional report on several units that have been Prickly2Sweet, identifying specific areas of gaps and asking them to share and discuss targeted focus areas with up to date techniques that can be added to those sections of assessment. It would produce clear, effective outcomes, use their and your time efficiently and have amazing positive outcomes without a tick box in sight. Not to mention being confident that your students are being assessed using compliant tools that cover all aspects of the unit and assessment standards.

What does the Prickly2Sweet System contain?

We currently have 1060 Units in the system covering 33 industry training packages and the list is growing all the time. If you have a unit that you want in Prickly2Sweet let us know and we are happy to add it in, just send us an email or subscribe to our network and we will let you know when it is ready to go.

Prickly2Sweet also has a full report to assist you in identify the non-compliant and gap areas in your assessment. Additional online screens matching performance criteria and matching words as well as matching words with other criteria enables further analysis of trends and principles of assessment and rules of evidence.

Want to know more?

If you would like to have a face to face demo or just want a little more information, contact us.